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An Appraisal of The Three Feelings of Symphony

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Internal motivation (via The Emerson Post)

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This is a great post that I thought you all would enjoy reading. It provokes an interesting thought.

Internal motivation Slaves of the material world are all externally motivated. By externally motivated, I am not speaking of folks being pushed forcibly by others, but rather, that people tend to be motivated by the material world. They are motivated by things to be gained physically and other rewards and also are driven to please others. The biggest mistakes one can make in any endeavor is to find ones motivation in an external source. What we often fail to remembe … Read More

via The Emerson Post

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May 18, 2011 at 9:08 pm

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What the People Want

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I have made this post to specifically ask you (my audience) what you want to see? Have you enjoyed certain posts more than others? What do you want to see more of? Please comment and let me know! Thank you.

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March 4, 2011 at 6:38 pm

The Conundrum of Sir Francis Drake

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If I were to choose a single man in history to hold responsible for today’s fascination and glorification of pirates (The literal and the general term), I would choose Sir Francis Drake. Born in 1544, Francis Drake was the eldest of a dozen children. Francis’ connection to the British navy, and the sea in general, was caused by his father’s line of work as a minster to the navy men. Francis was stationed on a ship as a young man. He went on trading missions when he was 12 as an apprentice member of the crew. for the ship master. Francis Drake performed his duties so well that when the captain of the ship died, Francis inherited the ship when he was only 20 years old.

Francis Drake’s hatred of Spaniards is rumored to have began when he was sailing his ship in the fleet of one of his relatives, Sir John Hawkins. They were sailing from the New World, when they were suddenly set upon by Spaniards. They were trapped in the port, and the both of them are said to have barely escaped with their lives. If this is the starting point of the lifelong term of vengeance that Francis Drake led against the Spaniards, than presumably it is also the start of today’s infatuation with the term “pirate”.

In 1572, he began raiding the Spanish Main. His mission? To pillage and plunder. He was relentless, and gave no thought to his own safety. One of his best victories came when he allied himself with Guillaume Le Testu, a French Pirate. They raided a mule train, and they were extremely successful. They dragged as much of the silver and gold as they could, but their boats were no longer where they landed them. Francis Drake was able to rally his men, and build a small raft with enough room for himself and 2 others.  The journey was rough and they barely made it back to their ship, but once on board, he showed his men a necklace made of Spanish gold to show that it was a success. They buried the rest of the 20 tons of silver and gold further up the beach, because they didn’t have the men to take it all with them.

It is after this incident that he caught the attention of Queen Elizabeth I in England. She sent them on a campaign against the Spanish. After a great trials, the execution of a mutineer, and the subsequent sacking of many Spanish Ports. Drake was hailed as the first Englishman to circumnavigate the Earth, and the share of riches he brought back to Queen Elizabeth was enough to surpass all of the crown’s income for that entire year. He was hailed as a hero, knighted, and became Sir Francis Drake.

Later, when war broke out between the Spanish armada and the English Navy, he command the English fleet as Vice Admiral. Using the cover of night, he organized fire-ships against the Spaniards. In all honesty, that was the end of the battle. The Spanish fleet was in total disarray, utterly and soundly defeated.

In his 50s, he lost many a skirmish against Spanish-America. By the time Sir Francis Drake died, he had made himself a literal, and figurative legend. Before he died, he asked to be dressed in his armor before they put him in his coffin. Even in his final hours, he was still the leader that made history.

He was not a fool though, he was quite clever in outwitting the Spaniards. I have to wonder if maybe he knew what he was doing. Perhaps he knew that he was setting a standard for a new idea. It is impossible to say.

It was said that Sir Francis Drake was a man of great charisma and confidence. His bold attitude when it came to the Spaniards is a large part of being a “pirate” today. The term pirate is practically celebrated. The term embodies bold resistance and great charisma. It encourages those who it names.

When someone “pirates” something over the internet, I can see the reason behind it. I believe the terms used to refer to some modern day hackers is the very thing that encourages them more. You call someone a pirate because they pass software to others illegally. Such a term is not derogatory to them. It is a great compliment, and a dare to do even greater feats of boldness.

I would never be a pirate in this day and age. However, I know that If I lived in those days, I have little doubt that I would have been a pirate. Sailing the seven seas with Sir Francis Drake and his stout crew of English men. Nothing would give me more pleasure. What about you?

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January 4, 2011 at 11:37 pm

A New Year

It’s a new year, I’d like to welcome you all in to it.

To begin, I would like to wish you all a happy new year. It has been such an interesting 2010. This is the time of year that is the most appropriate time to ask yourselves what you have accomplished over the past year. To reflect on the good, and the bad. To reflect on the bad is sometimes not what we want, but it is something that is needed. It is needed because we all make mistakes. To reflect upon our mistakes is a process that helps us not to repeat them later. Do not dwell on them, however, do not forget your mistakes either. Remember them enough to know why they were mistakes. Dwell on your victories, because those are what will motivate you.

I realize also that sometimes you don’t want to look at some parts of the year. Because some parts were filled with mourning. Know that today is a new day. This is a new year. A chance for brand new things. Do not worry about the future, because it is not in our power to control. Do not fret about the past, because it is now part of history. You can choose to look at it, or not. It will always be there, and so there is no hurry to dig it up again.

Did you accomplish last year’s new year’s resolution?

Last year, my new year’s resolution was to bike the MS150. A 180 mile bike ride from Houston to Austin. I didn’t think I could do it. I tried to post-pone it until 2011. But I was encouraged to pursue it by a good friend, my family, and my mentor. Before I had made up my mind, the good friend that encouraged me to do it passed on. Before he passed away, he made me promise him that I would do the MS150 for him. That I would complete it as he would, with my head high and a smile on my face. I didn’t even think before I told him I would. It was decided than and there that it was my 2010 goal.

Every time I went to train, I gave it my very best. Every training session, when I would get tired after only a few miles, my promise would weigh heavily on me. I continued to ride. In spite of my pain, I kept riding to conquer my pain. To tell the pain that I was better, and I had a promise to keep.

When the time finally came to do the MS150, I did not feel ready. I felt tired, and I couldn’t sleep. All that was in my mind, was doubt and disbelief. When I saw the start, I knew I could turn back. I thought to myself, “It isn’t to late, I could complain of being tired. No one would look at me in shame”, but suddenly I felt a great pain. A sorrow that I could not explain. Than I remembered my promise, and I felt strength flow into me as I remembered the words of my departed friend. I remembered the fire in his eyes as he shook my shoulder fiercely. I knew than, that I could not stumble. If not for myself, and nobody else, but for him that I missed so much.

In the first 20 miles of the ride, again thoughts of doubt came to me. But the memory of my friend’s words, and the promise he had me make, strengthened me. Never again during that ride did I have thoughts of turning back. My new motto became “Go hard, or go home.”. I refused to go home, as I saw literally thousands of people do. Many of them in much better shape than I was.

After a long time of cycling. After meeting many new faces, both courteous and not so much, I saw the finish line. When I saw the finish line, I raised my head high, and threw a free hand into the air in victory.

I had never felt so happy, nor had I ever felt such an amazing sense of victory and accomplishment. I had bested myself, and kept my promise. It was later that evening that I thought about him, and missed him. I wished he was there so much, but I knew wherever he was that he was proud of me.

That is what we all must see at the end. To know that somewhere out there. Someone is proud of us for our victories in the past year. When someone you value is no longer with you today, know that you retain the best part of that person inside you. They will never truly be gone, because the memories you have of that person live on. Even if you forget.

What is your greatest moment of 2010?

Whatever your resolution is for this new year, give it your very best. Happy New Year everyone. Make it a good one.

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January 1, 2011 at 12:00 am

Merry Christmas

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Hello everyone. Yesterday I started to post a blog entry about the origins of Santa Claus, but I decided to scrap it. Lets face it, you can look that up just about anywhere. Than I thought about it, and I started to write about Santa Claus myths. Only to remember how few of them that actually exists (and can be taken with some note of seriousness). So with that, because I am basically late anyway, I merely want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I’ll get something a little more interesting together for New Years. For now, I will have to leave you all unsatisfied. Until next week when I can take a breather from the Christmas rush.

I know the start of this blog is a bit slow. However, it will get much more interesting soon. Thanks for sticking it out everyone!

And God Bless us, everyone!

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December 25, 2010 at 4:35 pm

The Start

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Welcome to the Years of History blog!

The main idea behind this blog is to apply my theatricality to my fascination with history. You can all look forward to reviews of historical figures, analysis of historical events, and sometimes special pieces dedicated to specific holidays. Specific holidays include Christmas and New Years. The reason I will not make more allowances than that for other holidays is because things can get convoluted. I don’t want to lose sight of the main purpose of this blog, which is to deliver a unique outlook on the people and events of history. To a lesser extent, sometimes I will make comparison blog entries to compare modern concepts to their historical counterparts. I would rather put up a blog entry that uses that technique rather than try to explain my methods now. Everyone is free to share their views about the written subject in the comments section.

The blog will be updated roughly 2-3 times per week. The schedule of updates largely depends on my schedule of availability to publish decent articles. I will always make time for my blog whenever I can.  This is the start of a new line of work for me. A time of new beginnings. You can all look forward to a good time reading my blogs.

Thank you for dropping by and supporting my blog.

After the Rain

The new beginning.

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